Michael Lund


Michael Lund is an award winning journalist with more than two decades of experience in reporting for newspapers, radio, television and online.

Michael Lund
Covering a protest in Brisbane.

He's worked for several major news organisations and has covered a whole range of news stories, features, documentaries and exclusives in both Australia and the UK.

He's passionate about journalism and the impact good journalism can have on people's lives.

"Journalism is the only profession I know where people can seek help and expect to pay nothing for the help they receive," he says.

"Long may that remain true."

The Conversation
The Conversation.

Michael's also passionate about science and technology and is going to combine both interests as the new Science and Technology Editor for The Conversation website.

He'll use his journalistic skills to help accademics explain their work to a wider audience.

Michael is also one of the brains behind the Ultimate Guide website, a developing free resource for Australian journalists, and he works part-time for one of Australia's leading journalism universities.

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